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H.EA.T. PROGRAM® can be made exclusively on MAXERUNNER®, the only treadmill – designed by Max Grossi and Marika Moretti – capable to solve all difficulties present in electronic treadmills when trying reproduce an outdoor path during an indoor training.

MAXERUNNER® includes all functional and practical requirements that no other electronic or mechanic treadmill currently present on the market can have. None of these is able to faithfully reproduce an outdoor training. Electronic treadmills are neither practical – as they have high costs and consumptions – nor faithful in reproducing muscle workout in movement. On the other hand, currently marketed mechanic treadmills have a low cost (and no consumption) but do not guarantee the same gradual and flowing inclination of electronic treadmills.


MAXERRUNNER® is a revolutionary treadmill and the ONLY mechanic treadmill moved exclusively by the energy of our muscles, capable of reproducing the same gradient variability present in a mountain path through a gradual and flowing inclination – from 0° to 40°(86%) – respecting our body limits and using our legs and no other engine.

MAXERRUNNER® is the first treadmill in the world that allows us to make a typical outdoor training, so easy to make outdoors yet so difficult to recreate on a treadmill during a group lesson in a gym.

Overall dimension
Foldled: cm 82,5 x 60 h 1.75 8
Weight: 103 kg 8
Open: cm 82,5x175xh 125
Inclination: max 40°

UNIT PRICE: € 2.300,00
PACKAGE OF 7 MAXERRUNNER : € 2.150,00 per units
PACKAGE OF 11 MAXERRUNNER € € 2.050,00 per unit

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Che cos’è Heat Program


H.E.A.T. Program® (High Energy Aerobic Training) è stato creato da Max Grossi e Marika Moretti per tradurre la filosofia del trekking in un allenamento di gruppo che riunisse in sé tutti i requisiti di un programma salutare, efficace e coinvolgente, dando la possibilità a tutti di conoscere e praticare la filosofia della vitalità per eccellenza.

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