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Born in 2000 and officially registered in 2001, H.E.A.T. Program® comes from an idea of a great expert in the field of fitness and trekking fan, Max Grossi, who thought about a group workout made on a treadmill and based on all possible walking techniques. The project then came to life when Max met Marika Moretti, entrepreneur as well as a trekking and fitness fan.

Their main purpose was to create a new program that could involve everyone’s physique and mind and make everybody learn about the great benefits of the simplest and most natural movement of all. Three years later, this mix of know-how, entrepreneurial skills and passion for both fitness and mountain life led to the making and patenting of MAXERRUNNER® , the first and only mechanic treadmill that can achieve the same gradual and flowing inclination as electronic treadmills and reproduce the real impact of a mountain path.


  • The philosophy
  • The purpose of H.E.A.T. PROGRAM® is to make us experience through the philosophy of the “real mountain walker”, the wonderful feeling of being free, vital and strongly motivated towards our goal.
  • H.E.A.T. PROGRAM® makes everyone experience the situations typical of a mountain path, where we must learn how to pace ourselves well and respect our body if we really want to get to the top. Suitable for all ages, designed to fulfil the needs of each one of us, this program forbids any sort of psycho-physical stress.
  • know how
  • H.E.A.T. PROGRAM® prepares you best to every kind of cardiovascular activity; 45 minutes of aerobic workout aimed at reducing fat and improving our muscle strength and stamina in an effective and intelligent way. The study of the best and most effective of these techniques led to the making of a workout that uses all walking techniques from the softest to the hardest.
  • H.E.A.T. PROGRAM® allows a complete workout on all our body. The different paces made according to the music tempo makes this program both articulated and dynamic, involving all the main muscle bands as the strong push of the legs must be coordinated and compensated by the same effort on the arms and abdomen as this protects the spine and determines our balance.


Che cos’è Heat Program


H.E.A.T. Program® (High Energy Aerobic Training) è stato creato da Max Grossi e Marika Moretti per tradurre la filosofia del trekking in un allenamento di gruppo che riunisse in sé tutti i requisiti di un programma salutare, efficace e coinvolgente, dando la possibilità a tutti di conoscere e praticare la filosofia della vitalità per eccellenza.

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